5 Pregnancy Rules That Have Changed Over 10 Years

Ten years ago does not sound like it was a long time ago, because in some ways 2009 feels like yesterday. However, you would be surprised about how quickly things can change in 10 years other than general technology. You would think that pregnancy rules from 10 years ago would not be much different as they would be today, but there are some differences that you would be surprised to learn about. Let’s look at the 5 pregnancy rules that are in place today that did not apply 10 years ago.

The Consumption Of Artificial Sweeteners Are Advised Against Today During Pregnancy But Were Not Back Then – That is right. Pregnant women were not told to stay away from artificial sweeteners 10 years ago, however, today it is a known fact that they should not be consumed at all. Not enough research was done to discover the harm in taking in artificial sweeteners back then, but today it is advised against because it is quite bad for the unborn baby.

Moms Did Not Have The Right To Refuse Anything In Their Prenatal Care Like They Do Now – Back 10 years ago, whatever pregnant moms were told to do during the prenatal check-ups they had to abide by. For instance, it was mandatory back then for pregnant women to take the glucose tolerance test even if their blood sugar was always in the normal range. However, nowadays, if there is no concern about blood sugar levels at all, and if no glucose has been spotted in urine samples, then the pregnant women can refuse to have that test done because if everything checks out otherwise – then it is not necessary for her to go through that.

Smoking Mom-to-be’s Were Expected To Quit Cold Turkey Back Then – The pregnancy rule still applies that smoking is a no-no. It was found decades ago that smoking is bad for the unborn baby and nothing has changed that study. However, the one difference is that if a woman finds out that she is pregnant and she has been a smoker, she does not have to go off cold turkey. She will work with her doctor instead to wean herself off. The fetus will not be affected by the smoke until the second trimester, and this way, the new mom-to-be has time to wean herself off of smokes instead of having to go off of it right away. That will only create more stress for the mom which is bad for the baby! And stress being bad for the baby has been a known fact for over a century which is exactly why smoking was recommended back then during pregnancy until it was found to be harmful.

Pregnant Women Did Not Drink Coffee Because They Were Told Not To – Back 10 years ago, pregnant women were told to stay off of the caffeine because it was not safe at all for the unborn baby. However, even though that is still true, it has also been found that it is quite safe to consume up to 200 mg of caffeine a day. Under 200 mg of caffeine will not cross the placenta, and that means one 12 oz cup of coffee can be enjoyed by pregnant moms each morning. However, if chocolate is in the plan to be consumed, then it is better to get a cup of coffee that is more like 8 oz instead. Remember, coffee is not the only source of caffeine. But it is not a good idea to drink energy drinks either.

Hair Care Was Off-Limits – Back a decade ago, pregnant women were not allowed to get their hair dyed at all because it was believed that the chemicals were not safe for the baby and would be seeped into the skin. However, it has been found that it is quite alright to have your hair dyed because the chemicals will not seep through your skin as it was once believed. Besides, you can also get chemical-free and natural dyes to work with. If your hairdresser does not offer those dyes, you can always buy them yourself and give it to your hairdresser to use if you feel safer by doing this. If this surprises you that the rules are different today from how they were 10 years ago, then this is nothing because there are plenty of other pregnancy rules that are different as well which will be discussed at another time. However, this just shows you right there how quickly things can change in a short period of time.

What To Know About The First Few Hours After Giving Birth

Moms usually spend so much time during their pregnancy preparing for the birth of the baby. They get their nurseries ready, buy all the proper baby gear, and are super pumped and prepared for the day that their baby will make his or her arrival. However, once a mom actually gives birth, she usually has no idea of what lies ahead. This is especially true if a woman is giving birth to her first baby. When a woman has her first child, she has no point of reference for labor, delivery, or becoming a mom in general, so the entire idea can be exceptionally overwhelming. However, most new moms find that once they do actually give birth that they are completely shocked, confused and overwhelmed at the next stage in their life. Some moms find that the period  immediately after giving birth is really like an alternate universe, and it can be hard to navigate. Read on to find out what moms really do need to know about the first few hours following giving birth.

Immediately after giving birth, most new moms agree that the entire period is nothing but a blur, especially looking back on it a few days, weeks, months or even years later. Initially, most moms are only concerned with the health of their baby (you know, counting fingers and toes, is he or she breathing okay, does he or she have any hair????) and really don’t recall much that goes on in the immediate moments after birth. Most moms also probably (and for good reason!) block out much of the bodily physical type of stuff that goes on immediately after birth. For example, contractions continue for a few minutes after the baby is delivered, in order to deliver the placenta, which is usually a pretty big shock for first time moms (I mean, come on, that thing can be HUGE!). Some experts say that the placenta is around one-fifth of the size of the baby, and it can cause intense cramping when it is delivered. If a new mom tears during delivery, the doctor will take a few minutes immediately after delivery to put the stitches in place and get a new mommy all sewn up. This is another one of those things that many new moms tend to “block out”, since getting your vagina stitched back together really isn’t all that exciting! Some moms are also surprised that the baby goes away for a few minutes after giving birth. This is all normal, and the baby will be wiped off, cleaned up, weighed, measured, APGAR tests taken, etc before being returned to mommy for that all-important first face to face meeting. You might find that the doctor actually places the baby on your immediately after delivery, but usually moves him or her after a few minutes to go get cleaned up. Not to worry, this initial clean up and preparing of baby usually only takes about fifteen minutes or so.

By the time mom and baby have both been cleaned up, stitched up and “reset” for a few minutes, it’s usually time for baby to return to mom and the two of them to have a chance for a proper meeting. This is a great time for skin to skin contact, and might be the time that a new mom starts to try breastfeeding for the first time. It’s also important to note that at sometime during this time frame, a new mom will be delivered a dose of pitocin, and it is also possible that the doctor or nurse will massage the uterus externally. This can help to contract the uterus so that there is not excessive bleeding. Excessive bleeding after giving birth can be horrible for a new mom, and can cause a plethora of health problems.  After this is done, your nurse will help you to get cleaned up down there, a sanitary pad put in place, and a new gown put on. You will be cleaned up and will most likely feel much, much better after this happens. Then, things will finally start to settle down, and you will be able to spend some time with your baby. By this time, it’s likely that your guests will start to leave, and it’s even possible that you might be able to have something to eat or drink! This is what you can expect in the first few hours after birth, so take these things into consideration when you are getting ready to bring your little bundle of joy into the world!

News of Arrival of Stork

  One of the happiest moments in the life of a woman is when she finds out that she is pregnant. The entire family rejoices in her happiness and starts to prepare for the arrival of the new member of the family. Whether it is an accidental pregnancy or one where you have been eagerly waiting to get pregnant, you cannot beat the happiness and joy that comes with the confirmation that announces to the world that a small bundle of joy is on the way. So when and how do find out that you are pregnant? Feeling heavy, early morning nausea, aversion to some smells are some signs. You might feel extremely tired and sleepy. You might crave or hate some strong smelling foods. You might gain or lose weight. But the real sign is when you miss a period and then you know that a little one might be arriving soon. If you have been sexually active, whether or not using preventive methods, there is always a chance that you might be pregnant. No preventive method is 100% secure.

So that’s the time you take a pregnancy test and confirm the signs. It is better to do the test as soon as you feel any of the symptoms given above especially if you are sexually active. This is helpful in many ways. A confirmed positive result helps you to decide the future course of action. You need to change your health regime, eating pattern and work schedule to make it healthier in order to have a healthy full term pregnancy. You do not want any complications along the way. The commonly available tests work on the basis of detection of a hormone called Human Chronic Namedropping in the urine. This hormone is secreted only once the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. This process leads to the secretion of HCG and the menstruation process also stops. You can wait for some time though as tests were done too early, even before the hormone has had a chance to kick in, may not be accurate.

These tests are very simple to use at home in the privacy of your home, without any embarrassment. These test kits are available over the counter in your friendly neighborhood stores and pharmacies. They depict all the instructions clearly in the enclosed pamphlets. It involves using just a few drops of your urine on a test strip and then waits for a few moments. The instructions on some tests claim that they can detect the minutest amounts of this hormone in the urine, even before you miss a period but the results may not be very accurate.  Medically endorsed test strips are very accurate. But do check its manufacturing date and use by date and above all, follow the instructions carefully. The test kits are fairly inexpensive. There are older women who swear by traditional and offbeat tests to check a pregnancy. These involve the use of sugar, wine, and bleach and dandelions etc. These things are easily available at home. But no one can guarantee the efficiency and accuracy of these tests.

Some people like to do these home tests just for fun. At other times they do it to check once before going to a health professional for diagnosis. The ingredients are cheap and the fun factor is there. Women always like this combination of mystery and comfort. So some do use these ‘do-it-yourself’ pregnancy test ideas.  One thing is for sure, if you are alone at home and can’t go out to get a pregnancy test kit then there is no harm in trying any of these ideas at home. Whatever the tests that you use, take utmost care in selecting the process and its ingredients. You would not like to harm yourself in any way by using any harmful substance or its improper use. Some of these ingredients like bleach may not be safe for use. Last but the most significant step is to go to a medical professional to confirm your pregnancy. The process may involve another strip test, blood test, internal check-up by a gynecologist and sonography or ultrasound after some time. It does make sense to use the safest and the most accurate method of the pregnancy test.

The news about your little bundle of joy

If you are a woman and are sexually active, then this is for you. If you have been taking all the precautions not to get pregnant then you can use the prescribed pills to get pregnant, then also you need to remember that no method is hundred percent safe. On the other hand, if you have been trying for months to become pregnant then this might be the moment that you have been waiting for. So how do you know for certain that you are soon going to be amother?

There are many symptoms. Some of these are subtle like a little weight gain. The body of a woman undergoes many changes when it prepares itself to carry a small fetus inside it for nine months. The hormonal changes may also lead to mood swings. Pregnancy changes everything in the body even before you realize. It changes a woman emotionally and physically. Soon after conception, the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. Then onwards it is a roller coaster ride for the woman. HCG hormone starts secreting soon after. There may be some bleeding, vomiting, nausea, light-headedness, imbalance, constipation and many more other symptoms. But many of these indicators are associated with some other disorders as well. Therefore, to confirm that any or more of these are due to pregnancy, it is important to check with the help of a test.

There are ultra-modern tests available now. There is a test now which can confirm pregnancy by detecting a factor in the blood within 48 hours of fertilization. But this test is still out of reach of common people due to cost, availability and other factors. There are many homemade tests to detect if you are pregnant. Now we cannot say with surety that these are safe and provide correct results. These ideas sound crazy to some and on the other hand, some women decide to use ingredients available at home to confirm their pregnancy while in the privacy of home. There are many women out there who vouch for these methods or try these with conviction. Whether it a homemade test or the commercially available test strip, both these work on the basis of the reaction of chemicals with the hormone HCG present in the urine of a pregnant woman. The homemade tests use chemicals or ingredients, like sugar, bleach, soda bicarbonate, wine, bleach, soap, Tylenol and many such commonly available ingredients. The first urine in the morning, of a pregnant woman, is supposed to have more concentration of HCG. It reacts with these ingredients in a certain way, different from that of a woman who is not pregnant and thereby gives a positive result.

On the other hand, there are medically and technically superior test strips. These do give more accurate results about pregnancy than the homemade ones. Anyway, you need to repeat the test many times before you get the same result every time. Then you need to go to a health center and get yourself examined by a medical professional to confirm the report. You have to understand the significance of proper medical testing and treatment and care. The traditionally followed tests may not always be correct. In fact, more often these could give a false report, thereby confusing or misleading the person undergoing these tests. This could be a health hazard as the woman may not take care of herself in spite of being pregnant. Or else she may be extremely happy to know that the result showed her as pregnant, but in reality, she was not. The hormone HCG may also be secreted in extreme conditions like treatment with certain medications or in some kind of illnesses. This detection might lead to a false confirmation of pregnancy. It may also lead to disappointment and may be delayed treatment of the real sickness.

Therefore, it is important to repeat the tests a few times. After getting repeated positive results also you should visit a health center and meet an OB. You must follow their instructions meticulously and undergo all the prenatal tests. The final confirmation may take a few minutes or a couple of hours. Patience will ultimately reward you with the sweet news of the pregnancy and the imminent arrival of your bundle of joy.

Pregnancy and Its Impact on Your Eyesight

I just recently became aware of a story about a mom who was pregnant with twin child ladies. Throughout her pregnancy she slowly experienced problems with her vision, which gradually deteriorated to the point where she might just see a few backyards in front of her. This vision degeneration continued and reached its peak with the mom recognizing that sh

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